Expert advice on the best way to handle a bay window is at your fingertips

with Joy of Living's designers!

We are seeing a huge demand for shutters on window. We designed this two story room to include shutters on all the windows and our client loves it!

From formal to casual, our expertise in window treatment design is unsurpassed. 

We are known for our white glove turn- key interior designs. We designed everything from start to finish in this bathroom. After hand-picking the bathtub, hardware and tile, we finished the project by selecting lighting, accessories and window treatments. Our client was so appreciative and especially loves the privacy, yet the ability to see the outside that these beautiful treatments allow.

At Joy of Living we do window treatments from start to finish. For this client, and all of our clients, we first came in to measure and take pictures. Then we brought fabric and hardware samples right to the client's home so they could see exactly what everything would look like in their home prior to purchasing. Lastly, we came in to install

and to make sure that everything was perfect.

Each window treatment we make is custom designed just for you. Here we made a simple box-pleat valence with beautiful button-latches at the corners and pleat, nail heads and stunning gold trim along the bottom. 

Adding simple panel window treatments can make all the difference and truly finish any room. 

It's not just about privacy. . .window treatments make an enormous difference in the

complete look of a room. 

Our client loved how we designed this room and was overjoyed when we installed these beautiful custom-designed window treatments. 

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