We've had a huge demand for designing home office spaces. Joy of Living Interior Designers specialize in making your home office both functional and beautiful!

We designed this built-in home office with a cozy nook for the kids or for taking a break for a relaxing cup of coffee. The upholstered walls match the fabulous chairs to add for a little drama!

Now you really can have your meetings right in your home office with a Joy of Living

designed home office!

We just designed our lovely client's home office with this beautiful desk and chair and the client 

absolutely loves it!

Joy of Living will design your home office to inspire both your intellectual and creative sides. 

This home office and study area is open, airy, welcoming and perfect for parents and children alike!

Whether you are working from home or studying for school or just paying the bills, this home office allows you to do so in a peaceful and uplifting environment. 

Uncomfortable working in your kitchen or on that old shabby desk? Our interior designers will create a comfortable, practical, and beautiful working area for you, which just may lead to an increase in productivity! With hundreds of options to choose from, you can't go wrong!

Who wouldn't want to work from home on this beautiful gold-legged desk with a stunning walnut wood top and comfortable desk chair? 

Allow Joy of Living to design your functional living space!

When designing a home office, we make every attempt to make it light and uplifting!

No matter the size of your space, we can design your student's work environment to

encourage more studying

This home office and study area is open, airy, welcoming and perfect for parents and children alike!

Working from home has proven to offer both physical and mental health benefits. Joy of Living will help you create the perfect office setting in the comfort of your own home! 

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